Fashion Registry on Facebook

Although it might be missing a more elegantly punning name, there’s no one here to claim that hasn’t come up with a good idea for social couture. The website now has “Got Dibs,” a registry usable through Facebook that lets uploaders get advice on fashion choices and perhaps more importantly, through the honor code, claim dibs on outfits likely to be reproduced at crowded events like a high school prom.

The website’s founders are Ashley Granata and Brooke Moreland — they jointly came in at a respectable 55 on the 2010 Silicon Alley 100 list. As background to the registry’s inspiration, Granata spoke freely of the fashion mishap that happened to her as an upperclassman in high school: “When I was a junior, a freshman came to my prom in the same dress. I was mortified.”

As a way to boost sales and its “cool factor,” no doubt, the department store Lord & Taylor has partnered with on the “Got Dibs” project. The registry lets users post pictures of outfits bought or tried on to let others know what they might be or are definitely wearing. Users are also encouraged to write their opinions on the fashion choices of others and get feedback on theirs from friends and the growing pool of like-minded fashion enthusiasts.

Now you know. Dress better with a little help from your friends, and stay informed on Facebook to avoid (unseemly) duplicate looks!

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