Facebook Updates Analytics for Websites, Applications and Pages

Facebook has launched an improved Insights Dashboard, a free service designed to provide Facebook Page owners and Facebook Platform developers with metrics around their content. More data is now available for fully-integrated sites (and those that use social plug-ins), applications (including canvas, mobile, device, and desktop applications) and Facebook Pages.

According to Facebook, the new Insights Dashboard can help businesses understand what their “audience finds most interesting and capitalize on that content.” For example, a business can now view analytics around specific stories that were liked on a website, or how many users commented on posts made on a page.

Along with benefiting businesses, the new Insights Dashboard offers helpful features for domain administrators and application administrators including new visualization tools and the ability to view the full screen, print and save graphs. Domain administrators can use the platform to access sharing metrics and demographic information per domain and URL, making it easy to optimize content for sharing and customize it to a target audience.

Application administrators can use Insights to find “feedback for stream stories, referral traffic to an application, a breakdown of what user actions contribute to active user count, demographics on authorized users and active users, and the number of times permissions are prompted and granted.”

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