Facebook to Make Music-Sharing Even Simpler

Because the imaginations of those who follow tech news have momentarily been hauled away by the revelation that rosy-cheeked Mark Zuckerberg has just become the most literalist of cutthroats — he’s resorted to processing the stupendous wealth he’s amassed at the apparently still-tender and impressionable age of 27 (his birthday was a bit over two weeks ago) by only eating meat that comes from animals he himself has killed — news of Facebook’s latest scurry into the music scene may have been missed.

If you were one of those followers put in a trance by the revelation, please keep reading. The word has been circulating that Facebook and online music service providers like Spotify have entered talks about the joint development of music-sharing widgets. Unnamed sources, apparently privy to the confidential information discussed, are saying the not-so-hush-hush talks are likely to lead to a widget allowing Facebookers to more easily share their music data with their friends. For example, by using the hypothetical widget, two Facebook friends could know what songs the other listens to the most and immediately see links to places providing an earful of those songs. The same could be done with other online content, like video.

Social media insiders are saying that people’s identity is increasingly becoming tethered to the “media they consume.” So to keep up with the changing tides, the young folk at the helm of Facebook are eagerly — when not slitting goats’ throats, of course — finding ways to make music, news, and video content more sharable and accessible. Spotify’s music-streaming service is not currently available in the U.S., but it’s used in seven European countries.

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