Facebook Tip Complaint Gets Waitress Fired

If you are frustrated with something that happened at work, perhaps Facebook isn’t the best place to complain about it. That’s the lesson that a waitress in North Carolina learned the hard way as the Charlotte Observer reports that she was fired about making a post on her personal Facebook page complaining about what she thought was a meager tip.

Ashley Johnson worked as a waitress at Brixx Pizza in Charlotte, and after she was forced to stay past her scheduled time to wait on a party that stayed three hours and left a $5 tip, she posted a message sarcastically thanking the party. However, her bosses at Brixx Pizza saw the posting – which included the restaurant’s name – and fired her for violating a company policy that “speaking disparagingly about customers” and a second, updated company policy forbidding employees from “casting the restaurant in a negative light on social networks.”

“We definitely care what people say about our customers,” said Jeff Van Dyke, one of the partners who run the restaurant.

For her part, Johnson said that she “had no idea that something that, to me is very small, could result in my losing my job.”

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