Facebook SNL Campaign for Betty White Pays Off

Facebook is continuing to influence entertainment, as proven by the latest news from the New York Daily News. A campaign launched on Facebook to convince “Saturday Night Live” producers to have Betty White on the show has apparently been successful, as the 88-year-old actress confirmed that she will be appearing as a guest this season.

The Facebook group “Betty White to Host SNL (Please?)” has gained half a million supporters in a short period of time – it appeared after White starred in a popular Snickers commercial during the Super Bowl. The comedy show’s producers apparently paid heed to the attention, although it’s not clear in what capacity White will be on the show. Still, White said at Elton John’s post-Oscar party that she was thrilled to be on the show and with her newfound popularity.

“I don’t know why or how,” she says, “but it’s been wonderful.”

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