Facebook Snags Fastest Social Network Spot Second Time in a Row

Even with several outages last month, Facebook was once again the fastest social network with an average response time of 1.00 seconds, according to the latest results of the Web Performance Index for Social Networks by AlertSite.

LinkedIn came in at second place with an average response time of 1.33 seconds, followed by YouTube and Twitter with 1.60 and 2.93, respectively. Although in third place, Twitter received the “most improved” award this time around, improving more than 35 percent since last quarter.

Compared to last quarter’s results, Facebook has improved its average response time by .02 seconds bringing it to a record response time of one second flat. YouTube’s 1.60 second response time was also its lowest response time yet.

According to AlertSite, “It’s clear that these sites recognize the importance of speed and reliability and are making improvements along the way to deliver a positive user experience.”

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