Facebook Profile Research Scam

If you are a Facebook user, you’ve been exposed to a lot of scams. Many of them involve people spreading posts about amazing new Facebook features which actually don’t exist. Now Switched.com says there’s a new Facebook fraud which can be filed alongside chestnuts like the “Dislike” button and background customization. A new round of fraudulent Wall posts is making the rounds, claiming that you can find out the identities of the people who are viewing your profile.

Of course, the truth is that no such Facebook application exists — that would be a violation of the Terms of Agreement. Instead, when you grant access to the application to your Facebook page, it automatically spams all of your friends with the same message: “OMG OMG OMG… I cant believe this actually works!”

The easiest way to avoid this scam is to not click on any links promising unbelievable Facebook applications. If you’ve already been hit, Sophos recommend that you “remove all traces of the scam from your newsfeed, and disable all rogue applications from accessing your personal information via your Facebook Privacy Settings menu.”

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