Facebook Can Help Find Answers

Facebook has rolled out the beta version of Facebook Questions, a new way for users to pose questions to the more than 500 million people in the Facebook community. Currently only available to a limited number of people, Facebook Questions allows users to “get a broader set of answers and learn valuable information from people knowledgeable on a range of topics,” wrote director of product management Blake Ross in a Facebook blog post.

Facebook Questions offers numerous filters designed to help users find the answers they’re searching for. When asking a question, for example, users have the option to add a photo or a poll.

You can also tag your question with a specific topic, making it visible to people who have expressed interest in the same topic. The tagging feature also allows users to see what others are asking about the same topics. Users can even browse through other users’ questions to “find ones you may have never thought to ask,” said Ross.

Ross reminds users that all questions and answers posted using Facebook Questions are public, meaning that they will be visible to everyone on the Internet. However, if you want to ask a question to a specific group of people, the application allows you to write a question as a status update on your profile and target those people.

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