Facebook announces new changes, including Timeline

Today at Facebook F8 conference, which is a conference held by Facebook for developers, Mark Zuckerberg and gang showed off some new upcoing features of facebook, including something called a Timeline and also features for Music and Movies. The conference was held in San Franciscio with around 2000 attendees.

The Timeline feature will basically provide a new view of your page, which will have on it’s right panel a chrononical time graph, which your visitors can click on to see what updates you have done in teh past.

They are also making some changes to teh LIKE button. Zuckerberg said Facebook will now let users connect to things even if they don’t want to “like” them.

“We are making it so you can connect to anything you want. Now you don’t have to like a book, you can just read a book,” he said. “You don’t have to like a movie; you can just watch a movie.”

TechCrunch just published an article on how to enable the TIMELINE feature right now. However, they noted that this feature is currently good for developers and could still be a little buggy. Here is a link to the article:

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