Email CTR Improved by Social Media Links

Marketing Charts reports that according to a new study released by GetResponse, social media links in promotional emails improves their click-through rate (CTR).

The new study — which analyzed nearly 500 million emails sent by 19,149 GetResponse customers — reveals that promotional emails by small-to-mid-sized business marketers that include links to at least one social network have a 9.4 percent CTR. However, promotional emails without links have a 7.2 percent CTR.

The study also revealed that messages with three or more social sharing links produced an 11.2 percent CTR, accounting for 20 percent higher than messages with two links, 28 percent higher than messages with one link and 55 percent more than messages without links.

Regardless of these figures, the report indicates that only a small portion of small-to-mid-sized business marketers take advantage of this marketing approach. Only 18.7 percent of small-to-mid-sized business marketers linked promotional emails to messages on their Twitter accounts and only 13.5 percent featured clickable sharing links to other social media networks.

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