Double Digit Twitter Followers Increase B2C Leads

Business-to-Consumer (B2C) companies with Twitter follower numbers in the high double digits experience a nearly 30 percent jump in monthly lead generations, according to a new report by HubSpot.

Based on statistical analysis of 1,400 customers’ inbound marketing activities, the new report called the State of Inbound Lead Generation reveals that a B2C company with one to 20 Twitter followers produces a median of 11 leads per month. With 21 to 100 followers, the median of leads grows 27 percent to 14 leads per month. But the most significant increase (35 percent) happens when B2C companies achieve 100 to 500 followers.

While the number of monthly lead generations seems to increase with the number of Twitter followers, surprisingly leads begin to drop beyond 500 or more followers. HubSpot analysts suggest this decrease could be “due to the challenge of growing engaged followers.”

The new report also reveals that B2C customers who use Twitter generate two times more leads than B2C customers without a Twitter account. The results are consistent regardless of company size.

“As the data reveals, Twitter can help marketers generate leads by growing followers, but only up to a certain point,” writes Sophie L. Schmitt in a post on HubSpot’s Inbound Internet Marketing Blog. “Once accounts achieve multiple hundreds of followers, growing reach appears to lose its impact on leads.

“More research will be necessary to confirm and better understand this phenomenon.”

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