Disney Interactive Media and YouTube to Launch Joint Channel

Disney Interactive Media and YouTube have agreed to jointly invest a total of $10 million to $15 million to turn out original video material online. Disney will be in charge of production (big surprise, there!) while both companies will share distribution credits. As of now, the plan is to set up a shared channel on the Internet’s most famous Tube. Media outlets are announcing that the deal will be revealed November 14th. Apparently, the new channel will also broadcast amateur video content that posted to YouTube — expect said material to be preselected and preapproved by Disney’s meticulous censor-editors.

So what does each company stand to gain from the deal? Commentators have not been hesitant to note that “credibility” in terms of production and quality is not something YouTube is particularly rife with, and that it’s something Disney can generously bring to the table. In a related vein, Disney Interactive’s website itself has been suffering from depleted relevance and allure. To youngsters, it seems irremediably lackluster when compared with the unexpected, if not exactly fantastically filmed treasures of YouTube. But at the core of it all, it’s clear that both companies seek to improve their individual bottom lines by teaming up on this project.

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