Digg Gets New Designer

Digg has announced that Jeffrey Kalmikoff will be stepping in later this month as the new director of design and user experience , replacing Daniel Burka. Burka, who has been with the company for four and a half years, will be moving on to a new project called Tiny Speck. However, he will continue to be involved with Digg as a frequent advisor and design consultant.

Of the announcement, Burka wrote on the company blog, “Jeffrey has very strong experience designing a thriving community-driven website. You are the ones who make Digg tick and I am very confident that Jeffrey will be able to support you with Digg’s design. He’ll be looking for your feedback to design the future of Digg and I’m sure you won’t be shy in offering it to him!”

Kalmikoff is best known for his work on the community-centered online apparel store Threadless. In addition, he has been the chief creative officer at both Threadless and KinnyCorp.

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