Connecticut Mayor Donates Kidney to Facebook Friend

The Associated Press reports that East Haven, Conn. mayor Capone Almon recently used Facebook for more than connecting with constituents or campaigning for re-election. On April 8, Almon donated one of her kidneys to a Facebook friend in need.

Carlos Sanchez, a 44-year-old father who “barely knew” Almon, received the kidney during a procedure at Yale-New Haven Hospital. Sanchez, whose kidneys were failing from the effects of diabetes, posted a Facebook status update at the suggestion of his doctor after not being able to find a match from friends and family. He was surprised when Almon was the first person to reply that she would get tested and stunned when she was a match.

“I thought she was joking. The mayor of East Haven would offer me her kidney?” said Sanchez, an office administrator. “She responded back and said, ‘I am serious, I am willing to get tested.’

“I wasn’t putting too much faith in it,” he said. “I didn’t want to get my hopes high. But at a point she made me feel so comfortable that I started feeling maybe this was meant to be.”

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