Business World Says Hello to Google+ Pages

Google+ is now officially open for business and to business. Entrepreneurs who were pining for the missing, and increasingly important, social network in their consumer outreach portfolios can now stop holding their breath and create a new business online home asap. The business section of Google+ will go by the slightly retro moniker “Google+ Pages” — an echo of the still delivered, but rarely used, Yellow Pages. Google has made the new business tool available worldwide.

Businesses, brands, and organizations were initially excluded from Google+ because, by Google’s own account, the recently launched social network was not fully outfitted for engagement with those types of entities. Google was so strict on this rule that businesses that rushed to join saw their accounts abruptly terminated, posthaste. The doors are now open and music groups will also be delegated to Google+ Pages — All American Rejects are already set up there.

Along with the Pages, a new search feature has also been rolled out: Direct Connect. Direct Connect allows searchers to type in the plus sign [+] before the name of a band or business. The plus sign will zip users to that organization’s home in the Google+ Pages. For clarity’s sake, Google has also pointed out that its Pages now form part of Google search results.

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