Bill Gates Joins Twitterverse

Despite being a computer mogul, Bill Gates has been reluctant to join the social media universe. The Microsoft founder stopped using Facebook recently after too many users tried to connect to him, but the Wall Street Journal reports that he’s giving Twitter a try as he’s signed up for the microblogging site and started posting under the user name @billgates.

Along with beginning to post on Twitter, Gates also launched a Web site called “The Gates Notes” to share his personal views with the world. The site is broken down into sections such as “What I’ve Learned” and “My Travels” will include posts on a variety of subjects.

His first Twitter post on Tuesday was far less deep: “Hello World. Hard at work on my foundation letter – publishing on 1/25.” Still, it was enough to convince more than 230,000 people to start following him within the first 24 hours.

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