Ashton Kutcher Hands Over His Twitter Account

Ashton Kutcher has just declared himself overwhelmed with the responsibility of managing his popular Twitter account. Today, the actor published a blog post acknowledging that the size of his following — 8 million and counting — demanded greater editorial supervision lest he became the unwitting source of misinformation. In his own words:

Up until today, I have posted virtually every one of my tweets on my own, but clearly the platform has become too big to be managed by a single individual.

He continued:

It seems that today that twitter has grown into a mass publishing platform, where ones tweets quickly become news that is broadcast around the world and misinformation becomes volatile fodder for critics.

The words came a day after releasing this jewel of a tweet: “How do you fire Jo Pa? #insult #noclass as a hawkeye fan I find it in poor taste.” Kutcher got that 84-year-old Joe Paterno had been fired from his stint as Penn State’s football coach, but he didn’t catch the reason why. In 2002, Paterno did not inform the police about an eyewitness account he received concerning the possible sexual abuse of a minor at the hands of Jerry Sandusky, a perennial assistant coach for the University. Sandusky was arrested November 5th and charged with a long list of sexual crimes against minors.

Ashton is “going to turn the management of the feed over to [his] team at Katalyst as a secondary editorial measure, to ensure the quality of its content.” The actor’s mortification and subsequent action — stepping away from Twitter — makes sense if one recalls his outspoken engagement in the battle against human trafficking.

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