Are Facebook Plans to Revamp Privacy Policies Too Late?

PC Magazine reported on Friday that Facebook is planning to implement changes to its privacy policies that will make them easier to understand. However, the report also suggests that the changes might not be enough to satisfy the company’s growing number of critics.

Facebook released a statement which said that it had received a “pretty clear” message from users that they “appreciate having precise and comprehensive controls, but want them to be simpler and easier to use. They also like the new programs we have rolled out, but want simple and easy ways to opt out of sharing personal information with applications and Web sites through Facebook Platform.” The statement also said that Facebook would be implementing the feedback in changes to be announced “shortly.”

However, many critics are concerned that the changes won’t go far enough to alleviate concerns about Facebook’s sharing of user information. The announcement by Facebook comes on the heels of a poll by U.K.-based security firm Sophos which showed that 60 percent of almost 1,600 respondents are either “highly likely” or “probable” to quit Facebook over privacy concerns, while another 16 percent said that they already have.

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