Ads to Connect Social, Television, and Hand-Helds

Advertisers are envisioning a new future for advertising, and B. Bonin Bough is hoping to be one of the shapers of what lies ahead for the industry. Bough is the current vice president of Global Media and Consumer Engagement at Kraft Foods. He’s also thirty-five, and comes from a social media background; he co-authored a book called Perspectives on Social Media Marketing with Stephanie Agresta and Jason Miletsky.


Bough says the future of advertising is not just the connections formed on social networks, but the connection of television with social networks and the gadgets all these are accessed on. In other words, advertising now has the aim of connecting with a content consumer across all the mediums with which he or she obtains that content — television sets, smartphones, and tablets — simultaneously.

Speaking with the Financial Times this week, Bough said that advertisers like himself were thinking up new ways to conduct the transactions of advertising. The traditional mode of paying premium dollar for ads airing during the big networks’ primetime shows was being left behind. Brands are turning to buying commercials that come in more diverse forms because viewing habits are changing; eMarketer has data showing that spending on TV advertising is going down.

Bough, semi-seen above, predicts that pretty soon a lot of people will be “checking in” to the TV shows they watch.

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